Winning the Fashion Creative of the Year Award, Justin Haynes (jus10h) stamps a firmer foot into the world of fashion.

This Fashion Lifestyle Icon, with his brand JUS10H, is already a much-celebrated fashionpreneur who has spellbound people with his successes.

Making consistent efforts for what one aspires to be in life and achieving those visions or goals are two very different things, highlights Justin Haynes, who has always believed in doing things with a purpose in mind. This passionate guy that we are talking about today has always been beyond any average success story, for he has never ceased to amaze people with what he has done and offered the world in the fashion industry. This attitude and approach in his career helped this self-driven fashion lover to turn into a fashion entrepreneur and what people know him today as the Fashion Lifestyle Icon.

Building and successfully running brands like JUS10H (, his custom designer fashion brand and Onyx, his luxury label, Justin Haynes each day goes ahead in proving why he deserves to be known as one of the most influential fashion personalities across the world. To the vast list of several prestigious awards he has been a recipient of over the years, one more feather was added to his hat in the form of the Fashion Creative of the Year Award.

Receiving yet another significant award in his career, the fashionpreneur says that getting into the fashion space has been one of the best decisions of his life as fashion gave him the power to be himself and be proud of that, running two successful brands that only offer luxury and top-notch style to the wearers. Every day, he says he gets up with a positive mental approach which further adds to his confidence to keep creating magic in fashion through his tailored and custom fashion works.

Fashion has helped him become his best creative self, and that is why he believes he was chosen to be the recipient of the much-talked-about Fashion Creative of the Year Award, for which he is proud and extremely grateful.

The US-based fashionpreneur (@theofficialjus10h) has so far spellbound people in and outside the fashion space with his breathtakingly beautiful fashion collections.

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