The Unexpected Winter Haircut Trend We’re Loving Is the “Broom” Bob

The “broomstick” haircut, often called the “broom,” is a variety of the bob.
The short hairdo is a one-length bob with no swinging or mobility.
To give a broom haircut the rigid appearance you desire, there is a certain way to style it.
No of the season, cutting your hair shorter has advantages. Short hair provides for simple styling in the summer; in the winter, it prevents knots and facilitates scarf wear. However, if you like to keep your hair short all year round, you may find that your styling options are somewhat constrained. There are many variations on the traditional bob that provide a unique twist, such as the “broom” haircut.

According to Devin Toth, a hairstylist at Salon SCK in New York City, “a “broom” bob or “broomstick” bob is a special form of one-length bob that rests at least an inch or two beneath the chin.” It doesn’t have many angles and isn’t designed in a “swinging” manner. Additionally, there aren’t any layers, so the entire haircut is straight. The “broom” haircut looks stiffer and more rigid than the normal one-length bob, which allows for a lot of movement, but in a nice way.

A “swingy” bob and a “broom” haircut require slightly different style techniques. Toth advised blow drying some mousse, such as the Shu Uemura Awa Volume Volumizing Mousse ($41), and using a flat boar bristle brush, such as the Raincry Condition Large Pure Boar Bristle Brush ($120), “to give it thickness, structure, and substance.” It’s not recommended to use a flat iron since it causes hair to condense and have a “limp, swaying, non-broomlike look.” The broom haircut’s precision is what gives the wearer its brash, commanding appearance.

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