Jewelry Designer TieSha Carter Says These Earrings Fly Off The Shelves

Jacx Carter Designs has become a haven for jewelry lovers seeking unique and eye-catching pieces. But lately, there’s a trend that transcends admiration – their earrings are literally flying off the shelves!

The secret lies in Jacx Carter’s ability to blend high-quality materials with inspired design. The brand’s founder, TieSha Carter, isn’t afraid to experiment. Her collections feature a diverse range of styles, from the bohemian flair of the Turquoise Patina Earrings with their rustic turquoise and glass bead combination, to the modern elegance of the Citronia II Mini Hoops that add a pop of color with faceted lemon rondelles.

One of the driving forces behind TieSha Carter’s success is the versatility of her designs. Take, for instance, the Purple Wave Earrings. Crafted from antique silver-plated brass, these statement pieces boast a bold geometric pattern with speckles and faceted glass beads. They can effortlessly elevate a casual outfit for a night out, but also hold their own against a dressier ensemble.

For those who prefer a touch of classic sophistication, the Farrah Jaded Butterfly Earrings are a perfect choice. A modern twist on the chandelier earring, these earrings combine natural jade beads with purple and green ceramic and glass-bead accents. The result is a piece that’s both stylish and versatile, complementing a wide range of looks.

Beyond the design itself, Jacx Carter Designs prioritizes quality. Their earrings are handcrafted using materials like memory wire, precious metals, and hand-picked beads. This dedication to quality ensures that each piece is not just beautiful, but built to last.

To add to that, Jacx Carter Designs isn’t just about creating beautiful earrings; it’s about empowering the wearer. The brand’s philosophy centers around the idea that jewelry should be an extension of your personality, a way to express yourself with confidence. And, due to the high demand, it’s not uncommon to find certain earrings selling out quickly. Here are some tips to snag your perfect pair:

  • Subscribe to their email list: Stay informed about new arrivals, exclusive deals, and restocks by adding your email to their subscriber list.
  • Follow them on social media: Jacx Carter Designs is active on Instagram, often offering sneak peeks of upcoming collections and restock alerts.
  • Buy a gift card: It never hurts to purchase a Jacx Carter Designs gift card through their online store, and present it to your bestie.

As the brand continues to rise, its earrings remain a testament to the label’s dedication to quality, style, and self-expression. For unique and stunning pairs of earrings that will make you stand out from the crowd, keep your eyes peeled, because with Jacx Carter Designs, there’s a good chance they’ll fly off the shelves before you know it!

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