Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown wants to play Halsey in a biopic? 

Millie Bobby Brown took to Instagram to respond to the viral discourse on similarities between her and Halsey.

Discussions on the startling resemblance between music chart-topper Halsey and Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown have been going on for years. Now Brown is stoking the fires after she recently made a reference to the trending conversation on Instagram. Halsey previously brought up their facial resemblances when she donned Brown’s well-known character Eleven for Halloween.

Halsey was once again questioned about the obvious on her most recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. During their conversation on Monday, the subject of Halsey’s upcoming biography came up, and Halsey said she believes Brown would be the ideal choice for her part in the movie. According to ET Canada, she said, “Millie would be so fantastic. I mean, it’s sort of eerie how much we resemble one another. It’s like, oh no, we genuinely just look like sisters.”
The Stranger Things actress has addressed the speculation in a new Instagram story by reposting a clip of Halsey discussing the biopic with Jimmy Fallon after years of parallels and rumours. Halsey recently tweeted, “When are Millie Bobby Brown and I going to play sisters in something this is getting out of hand.” Though it is a far-fetched thought, for now, a collab of sorts is undoubtedly in the works. In the article, Brown commented, “sooooo down.”

Regarding Brown’s ongoing work, Stranger Things just released Volume 1 of its fourth season and is getting ready to release Volume 2 on July 1.

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