Check out BTS member Jin’s little recording trick for Super Tuna that will have you in splits.

The making-of video for Jin’s picture album and his solo single, Super Tuna, was made public today, Nov. 21. The BTS member had some tuna before to recording the tune in order to perfect it. View the video here.

Jin will be in everyone’s memory for his catchy song Super Tuna. The BTS member delighted the ARMY with a delightful solo track on his birthday last year. Given the song’s genre, the singer had no expectations, so you can imagine his surprise when it became well-known all over the world and is still in demand over a year after it was released.
The making-of video for the song couldn’t be released earlier since it was recorded at the same time as his picture album Me, Myself, and Jin, “Sea of JIN island,” which will be released on his birthday, December 4, this year. But don’t worry, it has here at last.


Today, November 21, Jin’s photo folio’s making/production film was released. The creation of Super Tuna was also seen in the video. The eldest obviously had a terrific time, as evidenced. He was observed doing many other things, such as dancing, writing lyrics, fishing, and other activities.
The superstar also revealed what went on behind the scenes while the song was being recorded. It is clear that he worked really hard on it.


The Epiphany vocalist is known for thinking beyond the box. It turns out that the international superstar consumed some tuna before beginning to record the song. You did read that correctly. He had a dish of food on it in the recording studio as he prepared to perform.
As he took a bite, he exclaimed, “chamchi!” (Tuna in Korean). After that, he immediately went to the microphone.
We all know what happened afterwards, so, yeah. This led to one of the most fun and exciting tunes. I doubt the ARMY was shocked by this; after all, they all know how smart Kim Seokjin is.

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