Camila Cabello is sporting black lipstick, a fake bridge piercing, and other Wednesday-era accessories.

Camila Cabello is closing out the season finale of The Voice in the real world while Wednesday Addams is probably having fun digging up a grave somewhere (in the fictional world, of course). She is sporting a vibrant black lip and a glitter false bridge piercing. Addams would be very happy of Cabello’s tribute to Addams’ dance solo at the annual Rave’N dance as well as the first of the two in question cosmetic accents.

Only Patrick Ta, Cabello’s right-hand makeup artist, has the ability to recreate the Wednesday era. When Cabello and Ta collaborate, they add sparkle and glitter using shimmer and monochromatic finishes, whether it’s a nude lip with shimmering eyelid decals or the diamonds that were once exactly aligned beneath Cabello’s brow bone. The Cuban musician has been performing with these heightened accents while headlining concerts across the globe and serving as a judge on The Voice at the same time.

When Ta published a glam-fie of her most recent beauty look on Instagram on December 12, her preference for the dark lip colours moved to the dark side. Starting with the glittering line that crosses her nose and connects the inner corners of her eyes, everything on her face is pink shimmer from the cheekbones up (which, we must say, looks quite similar to a bridge piercing). She has silky black lipstick on her lips. Her brightened eyes matched her pearled necklace wonderfully since he also used white eyeliner to line her lower lash line.
The response to Tim Burton’s most recent series has been very positive. It has Wednesday released a dark aesthetic interest that Addams lives by. Cabello gave the style her own spin, and the result is much better than we could have imagined.

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