At the Emmys 2022, Pete Davidson makes his debut appearance on an awards ceremony following the Kim Kardashian breakup.

At the Emmy Awards 2022, Pete Davidson unexpectedly showed up to give the prize for the best comedy series.

This year, Pete Davidson was spotted making an unexpected cameo at the Emmys. The comedian walked to the stage to announce the Outstanding Comedy Series Award as one of the evening’s presenters. Since breaking up with Kim Kardashian last month, this was Davidson’s first significant appearance at a red carpet event and an awards show.

The Ted Lasso actors received the prize from Davidson. Before presenting the award, Davidson made an appearance on stage and gave a special shout-out to his former SNL co-star and Emmys host, Kenan Thompson. He stated: “Davidson later jokingly quipped, “This is just like SNL because Kenan is doing all the work and I’m refusing to say what the writers want. The guy’s been in the zone for the past 30 years, just making us grin, nothing but net. He’s an unbelievable treasure and I’m honoured to call him a friend.

“In addition, Saturday Night Live won the Variety Sketch Series award for the sixth straight year, making the Emmys 2022 a memorable night for Pete and Thompson. Even though Kyle Mooney, Kate McKinnon, and Aidy Bryant just left the comedy programme, Pete and the other SNL cast members still have a strong bond with it.

In the meantime, Pete’s presentation at the Emmy Awards also generated discussion after online users saw a resemblance between his appearance and Kanye West’s from the 2019 Met Gala. The comedian has been the subject of the rapper’s most recent Instagram postings after West made fun of Davidson in one of his posts for seeking “trauma treatment.”

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