The concerts by TXT, ATEEZ, and NCT DREAM were cancelled by Music Bank In Chile.

On November 12 at 8 p.m. local time, Music Bank In Chile was planned to take place at Estadio Monumental Stadium. Rain started falling precisely when the concert was set to start, but it was decided to start with the acts. In order to witness Music Bank in Chile's tenth year, close to 50,000 fans were in attendance.

a bad weather
It started to rain more strongly when STAYC and THE BOYZ took the stage, but they still managed to play despite the deteriorating weather. When (G)I-DLE finally hit the stage, the situation had gotten so terrible that it was dangerous. The performers had a lot of difficulty singing and even doing simple dancing steps. Additionally, (G)I-Shuhua DLE’s slipped and fell several times while singing “LATATA” in the pouring rain, which caused the audience to shout in concern. The girl group performed until they became unable to do so and had to leave the stage in the middle of their set.

Absence of performances
The final decision was made that the situation was too dire for the remaining lineup to perform. When the news reached the fans, the stages for TOMORROW X TOGETHER, ATEEZ, and NCT DREAM were cancelled. The groups had to say farewell quickly due to the hazardous conditions, but not before they apologised and thanked the crowd for waiting for their songs. Following their brief appearance on stage, the band members apologised and thanked their fans once more on social media.

While TOMORROW X TOGETHER were heard rehearsing BTS’ “Boy in Luv” for their special performances without member Taehyun who had previously been diagnosed with COVID-19 but has since recovered, it was reported that ATEEZ was scheduled to play PSY’s “Right Now.”

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