Keenomuzik: Rise to stardom in the music & fashion industry

Keenomuzik, also known as Rich Baby, is a rising star in the music and fashion industry who was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. Despite coming from a background of poverty and the streets, Keenomuzik has managed to break free from those circumstances and establish himself as a successful artist in Canada since 2014. With a unique and fresh style, he has gained a significant following on social media, boasting over 100k followers on Instagram.

Keenomuzik has not only gained recognition for his music, but also for his fashion sense. He is known for his unique sense of style, which sets him apart from others in the industry. This has allowed him to make a name for himself in both the music and fashion worlds, and he hopes to continue to make an impact in both industries.

Keenomuzik is now preparing to release new music in 2023 under his own label, “TMG” (Top Music Group). He is confident that this will be his breakout year and will propel him onto the charts with the greats of the industry. Fans of Keenomuzik are eagerly waiting for his new music, and he has promised to deliver something exceptional that will blow them away.

As Keenomuzik continues to rise in popularity, he remains connected with his fans on social media. He understands the importance of staying connected with his supporters, and he makes sure to keep them updated on his music and fashion ventures. His fans can expect to see him collaborate with other artists and fashion brands, as he aims to establish himself as a household name in both industries.

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