Lizan Dizaye’s “Moonlight” Shines Bright with Over 2 Million SoundCloud Plays on Debut Day

In just a few hours after its initial release on SoundCloud, Lizan Dizaye’s latest single “Moonlight” has already garnered over 2 million views. The track is a pop song that features various sounds from different music genres such as dance, house, hip-hop/rap, reggae, and R&B/soul. It also received over 200k streams on Spotify within the first few hours of release.

“Moonlight” is a beautiful love song that encapsulates the feeling of pure love. Singer-songwriter Lizan Dizaye paints a picture of lovers dancing under the stars and the moonlight. The song also features German music artist Traeballin (aka Trae K.), who further conveys the song’s lovely message.

Apart from being an excellent singer and songwriter, Lizan Dizaye is also a producer. She has produced several songs she has released with other amazing artists like Famefaiella and Domy DJ. For “Moonlight,” John Lamp, a producer, also assisted in its production and released it under his label. The song truly showcases Lizan Dizaye’s impressive vocal skills.

Lizan Dizaye is a multi-talented star who wears many hats. She is also a famous model and has been featured in top magazines such as Billboard, Variety, ElleUSA, Vogue, L’Officiel, among others. Additionally, she serves as an ambassador for WFPUSA, helping in their mission to collect donations along with artists such as The Weeknd and Kate Hudson to provide food to hungry people around the world. Lizan Dizaye has more singles on the way.

To listen to “Moonlight” by Lizan Dizaye ft. Traeballin, head over to SoundCloud at You can also visit her website at or follow her on Instagram at

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