The Last Divorce of Drew Barrymore Was Hard for Her: “I Never Thought I Would Be With Anyone Else” 

Drew Barrymore admitted as much on a recent episode of the “Best Friend Energy” podcast with Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer, which was released on January 10. She has been married three times and “never” intends to do it again.

Barrymore shared her reasons for ending her marriage with The Home Edit team during their talk, as well as her experience coparenting with her ex Will Kopelman, whose marriage she had hoped would endure.

Barrymore, who wed Kopelman in 2012 and later filed for divorce in 2016, said of her relationship with him, “I never believed I would be with anybody else.” The 47-year-old actor and TV host said that this marriage was unlike her first and second marriages. She mentioned her 1994 marriage to bar owner Jeremy Thomas when she commented, “I married someone early on for sort of [a]… logistical reason. Then she wed actor Tom Green, who she described as “such a nice person.” “We were only children and quite young. We simply made an effort, but it was unsuccessful.”

But according to Barrymore, she believed that her connection with Kopelman would endure. She said, “It was like, that was it when I married the father of my kids. “I’m going to have that nuclear family, and for the rest of my life, dinner will be a four-top. And I felt like it took me a very long time to accept that it simply couldn’t happen that way.”

She said to Teflon and Shearer, “I just did not accept divorce lightly.” I genuinely lamented the loss of this goal for a very long time. Barrymore said to People in a December 2022 interview that she used alcohol to “numb the agony and feel wonderful.” She revealed to CNN in 2021 that she has been sober for two years.
Barrymore mentioned that one of the reasons she doesn’t want to get married again is “That marriage would be my fourth. She jokingly said on “Best Friend Energy” that unless I’m cool like Elizabeth Taylor, it’s not a nice appearance.” Kopelman and she “operate so well as coparents,” she added. She talked about how close she is to his family and how she lives only a few blocks away from them. Barrymore expressed her gratitude that her “community and affection” with Kopelman and his family hadn’t changed. But she pointed out that it didn’t make the divorce any easier. “I just couldn’t accept it for a few years, and that brought me low,” the speaker said.

Today, though, Barrymore claims to be the happiest she has ever been. In the People interview, she declared that the previous ten years had been “without a doubt the finest of my life.” And she made her current happiness happen; it didn’t just happen that way. She told People, “I feel like I’ve slayed more dragons than I ever have in my whole life.

Possibly one item that was helpful? Barrymore discovered how to relax and take breaks. She claimed on “Best Friend Energy” that she took her lead from Simone Biles. She referred to Simone Biles’s decision to retire from the Olympic gymnastics team final in 2021 after realising she was mentally unable to do her routines safely as saying, “I remember when Simone Biles said, ‘I can’t do this, I’m going to stop.'” That freaked me out,” remarked Barrymore. “I thought, “Oh my gosh. I’ve never stopped going for runs.” “I wish more people knew they could take a break,” she continued.

Barrymore appears to be totally embracing this inner calm as she hosts her own popular talk show and is currently enjoying being happily single. She claimed, “I never realised that I would appreciate such a calm life. And I’m eating it right now, and it’s delicious.

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