CEO of IceLink Suzy Sogoyan Continues Her Father’s Jewelry Legacy

Suzy Sogoyan, the CEO of IceLink Watches and Jewelry, has her roots planted firmly in the jewelry industry. Her father, Andy Sogoyan, started his career working at an uncle’s store in Hollywood as a teenager – sparking both a lifelong passion and eventual success within the field. Suzy has followed in her late fathers footsteps with IceLink Watches & Jewelry. From exquisite fine jewelry to one-of-a-kind timepieces, customers are sure to find something special at this family owned business.

After taking the reins from her father, Suzy quickly realized her passion for jewelry and watches as well. With a clear mission to inspire and empower those who wear her pieces of jewelry, she set out to make the rebranding process as meaningful and accessible as possible. “Like my father before me, I was given responsibility of the company when I was only 16 years old. I, too, quickly realized that the business world and high-end accessories were where my heart belonged. The company he founded 30 years ago is still going strong thanks to our combined efforts,” Suzy says. 

Every move that Suzy made centered around creating an atmosphere of inclusivity and cultivation where customers felt welcomed and valued; these key principles have been her guide to transitioning the company into what it is today. This philosophy has inspired countless individuals within their own lives, proving that with resilience and growth intentional and worthwhile ambitions are achievable.

Suzy is on a mission to revolutionize the jewelry and timepiece industry. She believes that modern high-end companies are missing out on something essential: meaningful human connections between clients and their purchases. At IceLink, Suzy refuses to compromise in this area, she is committed to creating emotionally resonant experiences for each of her customers. With each piece crafted personally by Suzy and her knowledge of the industry from working with her father, customers are assured high-quality pieces crafted with both quality and heart.

IceLink is set apart from other high-end companies because Suzy Sogoyan aims to create personal connections between her customers and their premium purchases. Through this approach, Suzy hopes that each treasured piece will be part of many special memories in years to come.

To connect and catch up with Suzy Sogoyan, follow her on Instagram at @suzysogoyan.

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