Douglas Vermeeren shaking things up in the Big Apple

NY Celebrity had a chance to connect with the up and coming Canadian Actor Douglas Vermeeren on his recent visit to Manhattan.  Vermeeren is best known for his roles in the upcoming feature films Black Creek, Fresh Meat and Jackknife. Douglas Vermeeren was in town for meetings regarding an upcoming film that would have him staying in our city for several months. 

Douglas Vermeeren started as an actor at an early age on a TV special for CBC. Since that time he has not only acted but produced and directed several notable film projects. The Big Apple is no stranger to Douglas Vermeeren as he has been here many times for appearances on CNN, FOX and others talking about his past projects. He confesses he hasn’t yet had the opportunity to shoot a film here but is quick to clarify that New York is one of his favorite cities on the planet. 

The film he was here negotiating can’t yet be named but is slated for late summer of 2024.  Until that time Vermeeren has a relatively full schedule with the upcoming film The Boy from Below by horror director Tory Jones, then off to the UK to collaborate once again with producer Chris Sanders on a gangster feature. Over the summer Vermeeren will also film the unique science fiction thriller Terra 369. He’s clearly one of the busiest actors in Hollywood.

When asked about his favorite aspects of working as an actor in the film business Douglas Vermeeren shared that he is always excited for the opportunity to work with so many talented people and be part of great stories. “I feel very blessed with every opportunity that I have been given.” Vermeeren shared, “I have had the chance to work with and learn from so many great people n this business.”

You can find Douglas Vermeeren on all social media platforms: @douglasvermeeren

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