Find out more about Kate’s makeup artist Tonya Brewer and hairstylist Gregory Russell

The back side of a record is referred to as the B side. On the B side, you can learn more about the artist while listening to the hits—the singles—that are more out front. We can’t think of a better analogy for the design team behind a beauty look, to be perfectly honest. To create the image you see on the big screen, they gathered references, searched archives, and painted it. The song that receives the most airtime belongs to a famous person, a model, or an actor. The makeup crew, though? They are the directors, organisers, pals, and family. They manage to make it work in the absence of a less common expression.

As the art of hair and cosmetics is a sophisticated, nuanced inquiry that sits at the nexus of aesthetics and culture, it has always been our objective to shed light on the BTS of beauty. Why? Considering that an appearance’s source is just as significant as the look itself. Its well-earned splendour belongs to the tale.
We’re introducing Gregory Russell and Tonya Brewer this time, who created the hair and cosmetics styles for Byrdie’s tenth issue, The After-Dark Issue, which features Kate Hudson. Join us as we look behind the scenes to hear some of their inspiring and creative thoughts.

Tonya Brewer, a cosmetic artist

The makeup looks’ sources of inspiration are…

“I kept it soft, simple, and timeless for the first look,” said the makeup artist. “For the second, I went with something a little more structured and defined on the eye. The third look was all about glitter. I added a wash of purple to accent [Kate’s] green eyes.”

Working with Kate:
We had a lot of fun and the best counsel from [Kate].

When she was young and beginning her profession in beauty…

I grew up in San Diego watching reality shows like Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, ‘Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave, and The Girls Next Door, and that’s when I knew this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to make people look beautiful for their most important events. Early in my career, I said yes to everything—no job was too small. I didn’t really have a personal brand.

On her professional high points…

“There are too many to list! Once, a client gave me full creative control and hired me as the photographer and her makeup artist for one of her covers.

How beauty has influenced her life and what it means to her…

“Beauty is impossible to define; it’s continuously growing. Beauty allowed me to forge a career for myself and has given me the chance to meet individuals who inspire me every day. It’s brought me all over the world.”

Among her fashion icons…

I adore Pat McGrath; she is the most illustrious and inspirational. Her work is breathtaking—out it’s of this world—and, to top it all off, she’s so nice and encouraging. I couldn’t love her more. Kate Moss is the reference I take from most frequently—one she’s of my greatest faves.

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