The most contentious celebrity talk show in India is back. This is Why It Survives.

We just can’t get enough of renowned individuals spilling the beans on “Koffee With Karan,” whether they are starting pointless fights or igniting national discussions.

The goal of the discussion programme Koffee With Karan, presented by Bollywood producer and director Karan Johar, has been to persuade Indian celebrities to be candid about their personal life for 17 years and six seasons. A 48-year-old actor with a history of toxic relationships “confessed” to still being virgin as a result of that agenda. Another actor was relentlessly teased for not knowing the name of India’s president. A third actor “thrashed” a fellow actor for “offering” to pinch another actor’s ass, if she so desired.

A tinderbox of emotions, frail egos, and flying tempers may develop on the iconic “Koffee sofa,” where celebrities, mostly Bollywood stars, sit to spill the… well… coffee. As host, Johar depends on his position as one of India’s most significant producer-directors to secure Bollywood A-listers’ appearances on his programme, generally in order to promote a film. The most recent season attracted more than six million viewers in only one week, placing the programme constantly among the most watched Indian discussion programmes.

According to movie reviewer Sucharita Tyagi, who spoke to VICE, “I enjoy it because it’s crazy and thoughtless pleasure.” “Entertaining us is exactly what we should expect from celebrities. It’s a little bit more analytical when there are directors involved, but most of the time it’s simply frivolous gossip, and why the hell not? For it, I’m all in.

An influencer who wished to remain unnamed in order to avoid unnecessarily stirring up controversy claimed she often watches the programme because it somehow manages to make the superstars look “more real and accessible.” But it can’t be dismissed as innocent entertainment, she said.

As illustrated by how the most recent Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor wedding was ridiculed for being a shotgun wedding, she said that “Koffee With Karan has decreased the level of debate in India since it has virtually institutionalised gossip in our nation.” “We consider people’s life to be an open book that we may remark on. The overall tenor of Koffee With Karan has blurred the boundaries between active damage and gossip.

The seventh season of Koffee With Karan was rumoured to be terminated in 2020 as a result of the suicide of Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput, despite the fact that the programme has experienced its share of controversy throughout the course of its first six seasons. The actor’s passing brought into sharp relief the idea that Rajput and other “outsiders” are not welcome since the show is nothing more than a platform for Johar’s buddies.

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