Jungkook travelled to the stadium by helicopter? BTS vocalist allegedly enjoying royal treatment in Qatar, according to the ARMY

Unexpectedly, Jungkook was recently reported to have flown in a chopper to the stadium in Qatar, where he would soon perform for the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony. To learn more, keep reading!

ARMY, Jungkook continues to astound us with his power every single day! It was recently reported that the BTS maknae could have just boarded a chopper to the stadium in Qatar for rehearsals, sending the internet into a veritable frenzy.
Yes, you’re right. For those of you who may not be aware, the BTS vocalist recently travelled to Qatar to sing during the opening ceremony of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It is only reasonable that Jungkook be welcomed in the nation with the utmost grandeur given that he is the first Korean musician to accomplish so.

According to recent online rumours, Jungkook’s preferred form of transportation suddenly become very popular. And if it wasn’t already obvious, the Euphoria singer left the ARMY in awe when it was suggested that he arrived at the stadium for rehearsals in a helicopter rather than a car.
According to the Qatari-ARMY, Jungkook was flown by helicopter to the “Al-Bayt” stadium for training in order to give him a secure environment.

A second ARMY gushing, “The qatari army is guessing that jungkook was transported to the stadium by helicopter rather than a car for his practise session, sound check, etc. I’m so moved by how important his safety and well-being are to everyone, and how they treat him like a king.”

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