Ruling the Car Modeling industry with her charm and flamboyance is Nadia Khar

Nadia Khar aka “GTR Queen” has taken the automobile industry by storm with her next level car builds.

Men and Cars are terms that are often clubbed with each other. We have seen how the automobile industry over the years have been dominated by men. Be the launch of any new car or any review based show or interview, men have always been a part of it. But how often have we seen women now getting into automobile industry? The answer is hardly we see women ruling this segment. With changing times and perception, women now are roaring to explore themselves in the automobile industry and match shoulder to shoulder with many men. One such next gen women who has made sure to establish herself within the automobile industry and stand apart from the rest is Nadia Khar.

Nadia Khar’s emergence in the automobile industry has been a special tale to tell and share with others. Being extremely passionate about car since childhood, Nadia knew that her ultimate destination lies in the automobile industry and she would seek it as n full-time career and profession. Little did she knew that she would become one of the most influential car enthusiasts and car model across the globe. Born in Las Vegas, Nevada to Pakistani and Italian parents, Nadia started to learn the tip and tricks of the business and became an master of the subject in no time. Building her skills, expertise, and in-depth learning, Nadia in no time started to have a great influence on people and become an prominent figure in the car segment. Excelling in her roles of being a car model, car enthusiast, and car influencer, Nadia has become a fan favourite with millions of followers eagerly waiting for her next video/post release. Never missing to make a presence on many big car shows happening across the world, Nadia has been regular face and name at such global events. She even attends the SEMA every year. 

Gaining tremendous popularity for her Nissan GTR build, Nadia Khar is now known as the “GTR Queen”. Ruling the car modelling industry for the past 5 years, Nadia has lived up to the tag of been one of the most influential car models and enthusiasts in the world, who is known for the GTR community.She has build a massive car collection from Nissan GTR’s, viper ACR’s, 4×4 gwagon, Murcielago, Aventador SVj, Hennessy or Calvo Racing builds, SLS, Koenigsegg, Gt2 RS, to RR wraith. She even sells her own merchandise on her Instagram @nadiaskhar and on her website

In addition to this, Nadia also does supercar modelling, jdm and even street bikes. Nadia also has street bike and loves to ride on it. She makes many videos of her bike riding which attracts many views from fan and followers.

To know more, do follow her on Instagram @nadiaskhar.

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