upcoming romantic comedy starring Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson called Peacock’s Meet Cute

Here’s all you need to know about Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco’s upcoming romantic comedy Meet Cute from Peacock.

Here’s all you need to know about Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco’s upcoming romantic comedy Meet Cute from Peacock.
The trailer for Peacock’s forthcoming original movie Meet Cute was just released. A time-travel twist will be added to this traditional New York love story, but that is hardly the most intriguing aspect of it. The appealing star cast of the film, which includes Kaley Cuoco of The Big Bang Theory and Pete Davison, Kim Kardashian’s ex, may be its most intriguing aspect. Meet Cute, a film by Alex Lehmann, is scheduled to air for the first time on Peacock on September 21, 2022.

The story of Sheila, played by Cuoco, and Gary, played by Davidson, forms the basis of the future movie. When the couple first meets, they instantly fall in love. On their first date, there is magic in addition to love. The fact that Sheila is the owner of a time machine distinguishes the film from previous stories about first loves. In the end, the date wasn’t the first one. To make Gary the ideal man for her, Sheila repeatedly goes back in time.

The debut of this unique Peacock film, Meet Cute, is scheduled for September 21, 2022. A classic New York love story built on the premise that it’s possible to visit a loved one’s past in order to repair their problems or heal their traumas and make them into the perfect spouse.

Hello, Cute (2022)

Alex Lehmann is the director.

Author Noga Pnueli

The cast includes Sierra Fisk as Sandra, Kaley Cuoco as Sheila, Pete Davidson as Gary, Deborah S. Craig as June, Kirk Kelly as a patron at the beer garden, and Rock Kohli as Amit.

Producers include Santosh Govindaraju and Dan Reardon for Convergent Media, as well as Akiva Goldsman, Gregory Lessans, and Rachel Reznick for Weed Road Pictures.

Pete Davidson, Kaley Cuoco, Blair Ward, Art Robinson, Anders Erdén, Sara Shaak, Jonathan Taylor, Simon Fawcett, Martin Sprock, Brian O’Shea, Nat McCormick, Caddy Vanasirikul, Galen Smith, Marc Danon, Julia Kroll, Monte Lipman, Noga Pnueli, Dana Sano, David Gendron, and Ali Jazayeri served as executive producers.

The Story

Sheila is a pretty young lady who is having suicidal thoughts. She unintentionally discovers a specific tanning bed in a nail salon is a time machine, and uses it to go back 24 hours. Sheila makes use of the time machine and goes back in time to experience the best date of her life more than once. She tries to make Gary, her unaware date, into the ideal man he actually was. The sci-fi aspects in the time-traveling romantic comedy add to its intrigue.

Trailer for Meet Cute

Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson play Sheila and Gary, two people who meet at a bar and click as if they’ve known each other forever, in the Meet Cute official trailer. The teaser also exposes the secret of their smooth chemistry: Sheila has access to a time machine, which she used to change the course of history to her own advantage.

Here is the movie’s official trailer.

Alex Lehmann, the director of Meet Cute, said,

Director Alex Lehmann revealed the film’s release date in a press release.

“If I had a time machine right now, I’d be torn between going to our premiere date and reliving the excitement of shooting this movie, but fortunately for me, I don’t have to make that choice. I’m excited for people to get carried away on this crazy romance adventure only on Peacock.”

According to Val Boreland, executive vice president of content acquisition at NBCUniversal,

Meet Cute is the ideal movie to join Peacock’s catalogue as the service continues to develop with a choice of films for every fan and occasion, so we are happy to add it to our schedule of Peacock original movies this fall.

Cuoco and Davidson

Due to his contentious and highly public separation from Kim Kardashian over Kanye West, comedian Pete Davidson attracted attention. The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco, meanwhile, was most recently spotted in The Flight Attendant, an HBO Max series.

Watch Meet Cute exclusively on Peacock starting on Wednesday, September 21.

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