He should be more private, says one source, after T.J. Holmes’ sexy PDA with Amy Robach reportedly cost him the custody case.

End of 2022: Good Morning America was rocked by the T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach scandal, which is still going on. While the GMA3 co-anchors reportedly feel as though they have nothing to hide now that their relationship is out in the open and even after spending the holidays together, many divorce lawyers don’t feel the same way and have hinted that it could actually make things worse for Holmes, 45, while going through divorce proceedings with his soon-to-be ex-wife, Marilee Fiebig, also 45. in relation to their custody dispute, in particular!

Lawyers believe that Holmes’ use of the Robach PDA in court will be detrimental.

In addition to son Jaiden and daughter Brianna that Holmes has with his ex-wife Amy Ferson, Holmes and Fiebig have a 9-year-old daughter named Sabine. Although it’s not yet known if the now-divorced couple wants joint custody or sole custody of their kid, we do know that Holmes and Robach’s PDA may make it more difficult for him to receive the outcome he wants.

Holmes is said to have retained Robert H. Moses to represent him in court. Moses was recognised as New York City’s “Lawyer of the Year” in Best Lawyers’ 2023 Family Law Edition. Moses is keeping quiet about his client’s divorce at the moment, but other attorneys have spoken candidly with the media about their own opinions, and based on what we’ve seen so far, Holmes doesn’t appear to be helping himself!
According to People, managing attorney Lisa Zeiderman of the New York family law firm Miller Zeiderman, Holmes “Given the ongoing divorce procedures, should be more private, and that there should be less public ways to go about it. If this were my client, I would advise them to keep their situation private if it is something they want to do, need to do, or feel compelled to do at this time. And by all means, avoid making it public by not doing it yourself.”

Insiders said that Holmes and Robach’s relationship with their respective wives had actually ended in August, and that they had only started dating after their affair was made public in November. As a result, Fiebig was absolutely “blindsided” when she learnt of the affair. It was then discovered that Holmes and Fiebig wanted to try again with their marriage, which is why he was still wearing his wedding band.
“After that, they both felt extremely comfortable dating in public since they were both separated. Even their partners had left the house! It follows that they had nothing to conceal “People was told by a source. Also mentioned by their source were Holmes and Robach “They spent the holidays together and are now spending all of their time together, so they are in love and fully dedicated to one another. Their relationship is complete. They have absolutely no need to conceal anything, therefore they don’t.”

Zeiderman, though, thinks that Holmes’ custody dispute is the reason there is a need to. “When we have customers who are having affairs, we encourage them to be extremely careful about not flaunting it, about being careful because you don’t really want your children to read this in the press,” Zeiderman added. Because your youngster will see everything, it doesn’t really assist and is probably not a good idea to do this.

Zeiderman continued, “You need to be able to put your child’s best interest ahead of your own in a divorce action. “It’s not an issue of what is legal vs what is permissible that you date after, even if that is entirely legal. What is best for your child must be considered.”

Holmes’ legal representative criticises his “lack of discretion”

Although Holmes’ legal counsel hasn’t yet spoken to us, Fiebig’s legal counsel has already made a formal declaration about Holmes’ conduct this year. Nevertheless, Fiebig’s legal representative Stephanie Lehman stated in a statement on January 4 that she and her client “remain to be dissatisfied by T.J.’s lack of discretion, respect, and sensitivity toward Marilee and the party’s daughter.”

In order to do this, T.J.’s attorney and I have been collaborating in order to proceed with their divorce in a private, quick, and amicable manner as is humanly possible. Their baby is their “primary focus,” according to Fiebig’s lawyer, who also said that she is “moved” by the outpouring of support from fans.

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