After receiving a standing ovation at the Emmy Awards in 2022, Selma Blair sheds a tear.

Selma Blair shed tears when she entered the stage at the 2022 Emmys to a standing ovation.

The night of the awards event was satisfying. Hollywood came together on Tuesday to celebrate the finest of television at the 2022 Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theatres in Los Angeles. Selma Blair became emotional when she gave the final award of the evening, receiving a standing ovation after she entered the stage while clutching the prize envelope in one hand and her walking stick in the other.

Are you curious as to why the Legally Blonde actress received applause while entering the stage? Hollywood welcomed the actress with open arms because of her struggle with multiple sclerosis and her unwavering will to remain strong in spite of it. Blair first admitted to having MS in 2018, which affects a person’s brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves. Since making her statement, she has fought valiantly and made great efforts to spread the word about the illness.

Blair startled everyone with her attendance on the award event, and as she accepted the honour from her colleagues, she became emotional and teary-eyed. Blair grinned quietly as he received cheers and said into the microphone, “I feel incredibly honoured. I’m grateful.” Succession took home the award for Outstanding Drama Series before she announced the night’s final award category. On September 10, Blair also revealed that she was preparing to compete with Sasha Farber in the 31st season of Dancing With the Stars.

Blair chose a black sleeveless gown with brightly coloured flower embroidery on one side of the dress for her spectacular evening attire. Her golden blonde hair and big earrings completed her sophisticated image.

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