Positive B White On Keeping A Positive Mindset While Building His Brand 

Children dream of becoming many things at an early age as the possibilities are endless for youthful minds. However, as they grow older, they become more uncertain of what they want to do as they near adulthood. Positive B White was sixteen when he shared this dilemma, and it wasn’t until he worked for his uncle that Positive B White knew what he wanted to do.

Born in the heart of Atlanta, Positive B White was raised in Lithonia, Georgia, where he filled his childhood with sports. He participated in basketball, football, baseball, and even track, which taught him the value of teamwork. Positive B would attend five different elementary schools before graduating from Stephenson Middle and High school. During that time, he would end up working for his uncle’s business.

It was Positive B White’s uncle Mike who gave him the entrepreneurship mindset he has today. Uncle Mike ran a business, alongside many of their family members, and Positive B saw the impact his uncle was making with their family and community. He knew he wanted to start a brand or business that could allow him to do the same. 

After high school, Positive B White was recruited into D-1 college by UNC Wilmington and Hampton University. He decided to attend the University of West Georgia, where he would graduate with a Bachelor’s in Business Marketing/Advertising. He would also go on to get a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management from Clayton University.

After college, Positive B started his entrepreneurial journey. Taking inspiration from his uncle, he set his brand to focus on positive images within his community and others, promoting individuals and companies making strides to change the narrative.

He created Positive Passionate Motivated Advertising in 2014, a company that advertises individuals and companies staying positive and following their passion. The brand offers superior advertising and promotional services, specializing in internet-based advertising through social media, company websites, YouTube, and many more.

Positive Passionate Motivated Advertising helps communities and small businesses get more online presence. They provide affordable advertising and promotional services that include social media publicity and various online and internet-based opportunities. The brand instills confidence within their clients to allow them to walk in faith. By partnering with Positive Passionate Motivated Advertising, clients receive the opportunity to utilize their access to podcasts and radio promotions. They aim to provide value to their clients and help them successfully push forward with their future endeavors.

While it may seem that Positive B White got into the industry with a good start, not many know about the adversity he faced. Early on, Positive B struggled with financing his business. He made the decision not to take out any loans to finance his business. Instead, he worked several jobs over the years, saving tax returns, working overtime, and even delaying starting a family to fund his business.

In the end, the struggle paid off as his hard work, preparation, and perseverance made everything possible. Positive B White attributes his success to a positive mindset, a strong passion for his craft, and staying motivated as he navigated adversity.

To learn more about Positive B White, you may visit his website.

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