Garth Garcia Live at The Peppermint Club

Home to legendary performances from iconic stars like Lady Gaga, The Peppermint Club is known to be the spot for artists to perform in order to solidify their place in the music industry. Following an impressive year by becoming #1 on the U.S. iTunes Electronic Charts, Garth Garcia started 2024 strong by performing at The Peppermint Club.

Songwriter and recording artist, Garth Garcia, has been making a name for himself as one of the most exciting rising stars to pay attention to. With several previous hit songs like “Write a Song” and “Lost”, Garth was due for creating a full EP. He spent a year collaborating with other songwriters to create something new and unique for his fans.

Early this year, the highly anticipated EP titled “Lifelines” was released. Garth worked with a variety of talented artists like German songwriter Stephan Baulig and producer B Martin for “Always in my Head.” Garth also collaborated with Francisco Martin on “Lifelines,” Rasec Ortega on “Kiss Me Goodnight,” and Joe Cruz on “Won’t You Let Me Go.”

Garth Garcia hoped to create an EP that had diverse sounds and themes, and he did that by collaborating with other songwriters. These songs were then given life by Garth, whose vocals compliment the lyrics perfectly.

Garth Garcia presented his entire EP to an intimate group of over 200 fans, friends, and family members at The Peppermint Club on January 3rd, the night before the official release. He also performed 5 older songs that are fan favorites.

The night was energetic and fun, with the crowd singing and dancing along with Garth as he performed. According to Garth, the hardest song to perform was “Lifelines” due to the difficulty of the high notes. The most fun song to perform was “Always in my Head” as it is an upbeat melody that fans could sing and dance to.

As a performing artist, Garth knows the difficulty of preparing for the stage. In order to ensure he would be in the best shape possible ahead of his performance at The Peppermint Club, Garth made sure to get enough sleep the week before and practice his vocals. He rehearsed with the band and dancers in order to make sure everyone would be in sync on the night of the performance. As nerve-racking as performing in front of a crowd can be, Garth is a pro. As soon as he started to sing, the nerves washed away and the energy kicked in.

With the release of his EP, Garth also released a music video for “Always in my Head.” It debuted on YouTube with over 50,000 views, and it has only been gaining traction since. In

addition, fans can look forward to more music videos from the artist including one for “Kiss ME Goodnight” which is set to be released soon.
Coming off the rush of The Peppermint Club, Garth Garcia is excited to perform at shows around the world including London, Toronto, and Manila. Although Garth has seen immense success, he has proven this is just the beginning for him, and he cannot wait to achieve more.

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