The “White Lotus” cast members of Aubrey Plaza’s spooky on-set pranks began to doubt reality.

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall while “The White Lotus” was being filmed. The imaginary Italian resort where the second season of the show is set was filmed at the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace, which Aubrey Plaza believes to be haunted. The actor who plays Harper Spiller recently opened out in an interview with GQ about some strange occurrences the group witnessed while shooting on site.

When Plaza’s co-star Adam DiMarco (Albie Di Grasso) saw the hotel’s reed diffusers arranged in what has been called a “Blair Witch-style sign” on his dressing-room floor in March, things started to get peculiar. Plaza discovered the identical setup in her suite a few days later. For a period, “I was absolutely doubting my reality,” DiMarco said to the magazine. “I was unsure of who to believe. ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ was similar to that. The murderer was everyone.”

The odd arrangements strewn throughout the hotel bewildered the cast members and frequent visitors. On the other hand, the Four Seasons’ personnel wasn’t. According to the hotel employees, “It’s Ms. Plaza.” The actor swore she wasn’t at fault when questioned. “Beatrice was there! Simona was there! “Plaza said, transferring the blame on Simona Tabasco and Beatrice Grann (Mia) (Lucia).

It seems sense, in the opinion of series creator Mike White, that Plaza was behind the joke. He declared, “She’s a disruptor by nature. “The most enjoyable is Aubrey. I told her face-to-face that you would be the only person I would want to travel cross-country with. However, if I’m the one driving the bus and you are on board, I want you to get off.”

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