Anya Taylor-Joy Is A Proficient Artist

Anya Taylor-sparkling Joy’s career is still rising as a result of her calm and thoughtful demeanour, both onscreen and as the face of Dior.
Growing up, I had no idea what fashion or beauty were,” the actress Anya Taylor-Joy says. “I was a true tomgirl. I can only recall using lipstick to daily draw a cat’s snout and whiskers on my face. I wasn’t really conscious of it until I started working in this field, and when I did, I was astounded at the transformations that were made possible by clothes, hair, and cosmetics. I all of a sudden felt different.
The renowned actress is well-known for her bewitching beauty and captivating performances, so it is not surprising that companies like Dior have appointed her as a global ambassador. She is now a red carpet regular with distinctive flair who always steals the show during award show season. She says, “Up until I discovered that that was another type of performance art, the red carpet was something that was kind of frightening to me. “I now love fashion. I adore style. And because it’s your job, you kind of have to care about looking after your face if you want to keep this job. I consider myself fortunate that I have recently been able to achieve that.
Taylor-Joy discusses how her own beauty routine has changed over time. “Because I didn’t wear makeup, I had never before had breakouts. I always double cleanse now as a result. Before you can actually clean your skin, you must remove the top layer, she says. I recently began using this gorgeous Dior eye cream, which I adore since it feels like mini-treatments. The Dior Prestige Le Micro-Sérum de Rose Yeux advanced eye serum, in her words, “feels like a massage.
Taylor-Joy has adopted her customary scholarly stance in her role as a Dior spokesperson. Because I love history and the House of Dior has such a rich history, I’ve now done a lot of research on it, she claims. The actor has a similar admiration for Maria Grazia Chiuri’s feminist perspective and the contemporary Dior woman. She claims that the Dior woman is someone who respects grace and elegance but also realises that she can have it on her terms. It may be more suggestive. It may be more traditional. It’s not necessary to fit in if you don’t want to. In fact, having the freedom to select who you want to be makes things more fascinating. However, elegance always exists in some form.
In terms of a talent that perfectly captures the tenacious spirit of the maison, the casting is perfect. According to Taylor-Joy, “I believe we’re in this very intriguing time and space where we as women have more choices than we’ve been permitted to have before, or certainly not at a point of equality.” And because it will take time for society norms to shift and for things to be accepted in terms of equality, that can only happen via persistent pressure.

The actress, one of six children, was born in Miami and later relocated to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and eventually to London. Her meteoric rise is most often attributed to her ground-breaking performance as Beth Harmon in the Netflix limited series The Queen’s Gambit. She made her screen debut in 2014 as a young teen in the drama detective series Endeavor. Since then, awards have been pouring in, including a Critics’ Choice Award, a SAG Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and more are undoubtedly on the way. Taylor-Joy has amassed a long list of noteworthy roles in a short period of time, including the moonshot success of The Queen’s Gambit, The Northman, Peaky Blinders, Last Night in Soho, The Miniaturist, and Emma, to mention a few.
Taylor-Joy most recently appeared in the David O. Russell movie Amsterdam, which also starred Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, and John David Washington, as well as the dark comedy The Menu. In the movie, Ralph Fiennes and Taylor-Joy play a young couple who go to a secluded destination restaurant where a celebrated chef has created a tasting menu. Surprises and shocks follow.

Taylor-Joy describes Margot’s character as “certainly the odd one out of the bunch in terms of social class, in terms of her thoughts about eating.” “For us, the finest aspect of making this movie was how much of an ensemble cast it had. You were there whenever the camera was rolling because you were never sure if it would turn to you or not. It was simply so entertaining to see everyone improvise the entire time, she recalls. “As Margot, I got to portray the ridiculousness of it all and be the audience’s eyes.” Taylor-Joy appreciates how immersive the movie is in terms of the audience’s experience as a whole. “I adore going to the movies. I enjoy going. I adore the whole thing. I enjoy the ritual of it, and I enjoy doing it in front of a large group of strangers because it creates a shared experience, she says. People appear to enjoy seeing this movie at the theatre. You have your own experience of seeing it, but you also become the creature with everyone else in the room. You simply get to share that experience with all of these folks who you usually don’t talk to after the movie. In that sense, it is transient. It’s merely meant to be appreciated collectively.
The initiative also makes a statement about privilege by deftly skewering the pretentiousness of culinary culture. As Taylor-Joy puts it, “I suppose there’s a point where if you’ve gorged yourself on experience—naturally—one becomes apathetic.” “We’re making fun of everyone, but I believe the message is that life and food are meant to be enjoyed. What’s the point if it’s become so exclusive and snobbish that it can’t be enjoyed? It’s meant to be enjoyable. You’re supposed to have fun. It shouldn’t be given a special status just for the sake of it.

Taylor-Joy also provides detailed explanations of what luxury means. She explains, “It’s about the beauty and the delight of it. “Jenny Beavan, the costume designer I’m currently working with, created the costumes for the Dior-themed film Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris. I watched it with my family, and the sheer happiness this garment brings to this woman is like a dream come true. The purpose of luxury is this. The idea is that it should make you feel fantastic. If it isn’t doing that, you must be wondering why.
Perhaps the lovely starlet’s grounded temperament helps her negotiate a hectic production schedule with grace. The Super Mario Bros. Movie sees her next in the role of Princess Peach. She claims that she wasn’t a gamer before, but she is now. She is always one to do her study. I’m a gamer now, and it’s great fun. I prefer to play in arcades because, as I said, I enjoy the ceremony; it’s similar to going to the movies. I’ll travel with a large group of buddies. And we’ll just play the arcade for hours.”

She recently finished filming in Australia for the Mad Max prequel, Furiosa. She says of the filming, “I understood that it would be an extremely isolated experience. “And I was aware that it would be extremely difficult on a physical and emotional level. I treated myself to a luxury gift by getting a cat, which has been incredibly helpful. Simply put, he has been a big assistance. The addition of her cat, Kitsune, to her family, she says, “puts things in perspective for me because at the end of the day, you’d have to take care of them. He is unquestionably the most laid-back cat you have ever seen. He is just amazing.

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