Shades of Chris Colfer Costar on Glee Funny Girl with Lea Michele “At home, I can be provoked”

“Oh my, are you looking at Funny Girl?… My day simply became so busy all of a sudden.

Chris Colfer’s excitement at the prospect of seeing Lea Michele perform in Funny Girl on Broadway is muted.

Colfer answered to the host’s query on Tuesday’s broadcast of The Michelle Collins Performance regarding whether or not he would accompany her on a night out to see the show in New York City.

Are you seeing Funny Girl? Oh no! Collins laughed and said in the affirmative before Colfer pressed the question. “Oh. My day suddenly became quite busy.”

“I watched Six last night, and it was wonderful,” Colfer continued.

My assumption is that you won’t be seeing “Funny Girl” while you’re in town. Colfer said, “No, I can be triggered at home,” in response to Collins’ next question.

EW has contacted Michele’s agents for comment.

Colfer’s comments came two years after Samantha Ware, a cast member of the hit Fox musical series Glee, accused Michele of fostering a hostile work atmosphere. In response, cast mates Amber Riley and Alex Newell supported Ware with memes.

In response to the complaints, HelloFresh fired the actress as a brand ambassador, and Michele apologised and vowed to “be better.”

Before making her Funny Girl debut in 2022, she later addressed the topic in a New York Times profile.

Michele declared, “I have an edge to myself. “I exert myself greatly. I don’t leave any space for error. I had several blind spots as a result of the amount of perfectionism or the pressure that came with it.”

Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale, two participants on RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race and former Glee actors, replied to questions from EW earlier this year on their interest in Funny Girl.

McHale confessed, “I haven’t spoken to her. “We haven’t spoken in a long time. I chat to Jenna every day, but it’s been a while since I’ve talked to her. I haven’t discussed Funny Girl with her as a result.” He said he hadn’t “thought about it” but hadn’t completely ruled it out when asked if he had seen the play.

Ushkowitz, though, was more forthright in her VH1 reality competition-related departure interview.
“I’ll go watch it if I’m in New York. I regret that I didn’t get to see Jane since Broadway is my home “Ushkowitz made the comment in reference to Jane Lynch, a former Glee cast member who left the production of Funny Girl just before Michele took over from Beanie Feldstein. When questioned about whether she wished Michele well before the performance, Ushkowitz responded, “I didn’t. That’s all I’ll say.”

On Broadway, Funny Girl is now playing. Watch the video above to hear Colfer’s chat with Michelle Collins.

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