Charles Tomlinson He knew former One Direction member Zayn Malik “too well” to send him a direct message.

Zayn Malik, a former member of One Direction, is still in Louis Tomlinson’s friendship, but you’d have to ask him.

Because of how close Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik used to be as One Direction bandmates, “Zouis” is for Directioners a bromance that is absolutely unforgettable. However, a nasty Twitter fight between them caused the devastating end of a close friendship when the latter left 1D in 2015, with the rest of the band finally going on sabbatical, including Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan.

However, Zayn Malik’s stunning versions of the popular boy band’s famous songs Night Changes and You & I in 2022 has Directioners squealing with delight. Louis Tomlinson also personally liked Zayn Malik’s videos on Instagram. When asked if he still talks to Malik during his interview on The Zach Sang Show, Tomlinson replied: “You would need to ask him. I suppose I mentioned [the last time] that I didn’t think I was mature enough to get past my frustrations in that relationship. Although I’m not sure whether I’m mature enough yet, I’m getting closer to being over everything “through People

Louis Tomlinson acknowledged that he had frequently wished Zayn Malik was “okay” over the past few years. The Walls singer also revealed that it’s “challenging” to contact his estranged friend, despite his attempts. He does, however, wish him well.

Louis Tomlinson, who is a member of One Direction, gushed about how much he enjoyed Zayn Malik’s versions of their songs: “[Zayn Malik is] a different quality in terms of singing, I would say that. I wasn’t just liking it because I wanted to. It was a pleasant feeling since I could relate to some of what he had stated in the past about the band. In those films, he appeared to be reflecting, in my opinion.

It was obvious he was remembering those moments. Of course, he was also displaying his wonderful voice at the same time. It was like, “Ah maybe you’re thinking of wonderful moments in the band,” which is why it made me feel good.

For the time being, Louis Tomlinson thinks the “BUS 1” pair will eventually renew their friendship: “I guess in time. Since neither of us has the other’s phone number, I believe we will just have to run into each other. Social networking, I think, may be the answer. The artist, who is 30 years old, couldn’t help but comment that he knows the Pillotalk singer “too well” to slip into his direct message.

We do hope that the Zouis bromance rekindles, just like Directioners do!

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