Celebrity Singer and Rapper Lexy Panterra performs new single during New York Fashion Week and gets Mind blown by Celebrity Magician JoshPele Magic.

Persian- American singer and songwriter Lexy Panterra was in New York City where she did a live performance of her hot new single “Bad Bitch”, a hip-hop song inspired to send a message to all woman to stop comparing themselves to others and be confident in their own skin. 

Lexy performed at Sapphire 60, one of New York City’s top Gentleman clubs which has a reputation for hosting sold out shows. There have been many celebrities spotted who have been performers and or came as guests including Migos, Fat Joe, Sean Paul, Sheck Wes, Antonio Brown and many others. 

It is no surprise that Sapphire 60 continues to throw some of the hottest events in New York City. One of its partners and a man who is one of New York City’s top nightlife gurus, Richie Romero is a visionary who always has an an ability to recognize the next level of guest experience.With his passion for Synergy and innovative abilities for growing brands, he proves continuously why Sapphire and his other ventures such as Nebula, Zazzys and more,are staple locations in the New York Nightlife. 

The staff also helps bring this vision to light. Anthony Ramoutar aka “AR” , is one of those team members that enhances the guest experience. Being one of New York City’s top VIP hosts, AR is another valuable asset that maintains and elavates the brand to the next level.

The venue was packed as Lexy went on to give a stellar performance . While on stage, Lexi was spotted wearing Shazprime, a brand that prides itself in demonstrating their clothing can be felt to have been made from loving hands who add great detail to their pieces.

After her performance, a surprise show began after. Celebrity Mentalist and Magician Joshpele Magic made an appearance and did a live show for Lexy and friends where he performed several of his signature routines, including one where he handed Lexy a prediction and asked her to think of a movie. When she responded, he asked her to flip over the prediction which revealed a photo of Lexy and a flyer for her thought of movie in the background. This effect stunned both Lexy and her crew and had them wanting more. JoshPele continued with his nightclub magic,  a genre of magic in which he is one of the worlds best. . The response was joyful as can be seen on Lexy’s official Twitter where she tweeted a photo of the props used in JoshPele’s routines and gifted to herafterwards. The Tweet stated “Tonight was a good night.”

Also spotted at Lexy’s table was up and coming artist Kentö whose music is a blend of 60s rock and late 80s electric pop. He is expected to release his next album “Strangers” in early fall of 2023.

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